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We are committed to providing you with flags and related items for both commercial and residential properties. Our sincere pledge is to offer you exceptional products and services, at reasonable prices, in a timely fashion.

Companies, large and small, often advertise with flags. We will help you create beautiful custom flags showing your company logo, products or services. Display one in your building’s lobby or waiting room, or by the check-out area, another where you meet with your customs/clients. Fly it outside, beneath your American flag (respecting flag etiquette). The flags will call attention to and identify your business at a glance. A truly rewarding way for you to beautify your property and advertise your business.

Individuals may like to fly Old Glory at home. Below it, you can fly the flag of your high school, university, or pro sports team; maybe you’d like a military flag or famous flags like the old favorite “DON’T TREAD ON ME.”

Gifts: Flags make outstanding presents!

We also sell and install flagpoles and related items.

We invite you to our website, where you can choose from a wide range of American, State, Military, Historical, Sports and Custom Flags. When your flag becomes frayed and faded, contact us for proper disposal and a replacement.

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Phone & Fax: (402) 965-8747
Email: omahaflagcompany@yahoo.com

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